Small Community & Help issues

The Community & Help screen has a few small issues:

  • The Back Button should be shaped like a back button and appear only when there is somewhere to return to
  • When you use it to bring up the API help, you get the situation where you now have a redundant back button
  • When you bring up help the API help you cannot go back to the main Community & Help screen. You have to hit close and then reopen Community & Help
  • I should be able to use the back button to exit Community & Help as well, if I am on the first screen
  • Community & Help isn’t really a an example project. Perhaps “Examples” should be renamed “Examples & Help”?

I agree with your first four points. Thanks for your feedback.

I didn’t have time to polish the web interface for that section of the app, but it’s something I should definitely revisit.

Rather than your last point I may just rename it back to “Getting Started.” It became “Community & Help” when the forums started — but now that they have a dedicated button on the main screen it’s no longer necessary to stress “Community” in the getting started section.

Perfect that works!