Single character project title - crash [FIXED]

Having a project that has a title of just a single character causes the app to constantly crash.

Yes this is a really bad bug and it is fixed in the next update. The only workarounds available for now are to use an app like iExplorer to rename or delete the offending project, or reinstall Codify.

The reason this happens is because Codify tries to generate the custom icon for the project, and doesn’t validate the length of the project title before attempting to access the characters, causing a crash. A pretty embarrassing oversight on my part :slight_smile:

Good to know you’ve fixed it. Any ETA for the update?

Submitting in a few hours.

Is the new update including text rendering?

No that will take a bit longer. Email sharing and bug fixes for this one. Dealing with the renaming issue took a fair bit of time away from working on the app itself.