Simple Particle System [ Maybe a Noob Question ]

Last days I tried to make a simple particle system. An particle system like in below image.
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It’s about a radial particle system.
It would be cool if Codea would have a particle system editor, but it’s difficult to make this one.
So, I wonder if anyone has already made ??a particle system exactly as shown above, in image.

There’s a fair few examples of similar things that have been posted on the forum over the last year or so (I’m sure there’s a few code snippets in the ‘posted code’ bit in the Wiki).

Otherwise, I think it’s quite a nice ‘noob’ project to undertake yourself as it covers lots of Codea specific techniques - e.g. Parameter sliders, tweens, classes/tables for multiple instances of particles and of course a bit of simple maths :wink:

@Georgian - Based upon these pointers how would you approach setting this up? I’m sure we can dive in and help a bit then once you’ve had a stab at it… :wink:

Whoops -router went down… Apologies for multiple posts!

Whoops -router went down - Apologies for multiple posts!

Sorry! Take another look at the picture again. Maybe I was not clear. I want just the particles.

Try this thread

The forum search is a bit rubbish, so I often use the site:switch in a google search. E.g. In google search for:



@West, thank you for the link. By the way, I don’t understand why this particle slows Codea down when I add in my game. :frowning:

@Georgian maybe not such a simple solution but check out my particle system here:

It takes a performance hit when you generate the particles, but then rendering is pretty quick because it’s offloading it to the GPU via a shader. It will slow down with lots of particles, in the demo project tap rapidly and you’ll see what I mean.