Simple invaders game

Here’s the code for a simple invaders game. Flick the screen to shoot in the direction of the flick. Each hit increases the temperature and if the planet defences get too hot then you won’t be able to shoot until they cool off. Tap for a nuke. Nukes don’t increase the temperature. Lives in the form of shields round the planet. 3 bonus types - extra shield, extra nuke and freeze which keeps temperature at 0 for a short while (meaning multiple shots can be fired)

My top score is 1915.

Video of gameplay:


“Each shit increases the temperature”

I think I had a case of that a while back, very nasty - but was able to cure it with some tablets from the Doctor.

Hope your feeling better soon. :slight_smile:

PS. The game looks great :slight_smile:

Oooops -haha! Fixed

feel high to play