Simple "Flash like" animation tool

Hello all,

I have a fun little side project I wanted to share with you guys.
it’s basically a (very) little Adobe Flash, allowing the user to animate shapes around the screen.

It’s very simple right now (just done making it stable), but I’d like to add a selection tool, custom shapes, custom colors, multiple timeline layers, proper user depth sorting system, gesture rotations and eventually non linear tweens.

The video is pretty boring but it’s just to give an idea. It’s now possible to push a button to trigger recording of keyframes while moving an object, making it very fast and fun to make animations

Unlike the video shows, It’s actually very fast and smooth even with 500 shapes on screen…

Any ideas would be welcome !



Great idea, @Xavier. I hope you take this further, it looks like an exciting project to follow.

Nice! I like it a lot!!
Keep it up, its got great potential!!

This is my attempt at an animation pagage.

wow @Xavier !!code!! [-O<

Sounds cool, but the video isn’t working.

Years and years (and years) ago I sat in a hotel room with Marc Canter as he showed me a little frog jumping across the screen of a just released 128k Mac. He showed me how he created the frog with a prototype of a program called VideoWorks that he and two partners were working on.

VideoWorks begat Director and Director begat Flash.

To coin a phrase, “big thing have small beginnings.” Now go make a frog.

@Mark, one of the most encouraging comments ever! Great.