Sharing via Codea Community

Just started using Codea Community - congrats to everyone involved

Just shared a little game of 4 in a row - just a first attempt at programming with Codea. My question is if someone downloads it will they have access to the graphics used - or do I need to do anything special to ensure these are shared as well.

Thanks for any help.

Currently CC does not upload any of the image files. It’s a good idea to have your project download them if they are not found.

You can also put the address or url of the project, which is currently in CC @timber


I believe there is no problem with the graphics, as they are employed in it codea, but if they could have problems with images that you’ve used, for example from dropbox or from your documents in codea

Correct @Briarfox

@timber - I wrote something that downloads images at the start of the program (first time only, then it saves them for next time). You need to upload the images to a website that will allow direct downloads (eg flickr is no good because you get a webpage when you open a photo), I used Photobucket.

Ok. Thanks all for the help and suggestion and let me go read your tutorial @Ignatz. Any problems and I’ll be back soon