Share code via GitHub Gists?

I think it would be very cool if there was a streamlined way to share (export) code to a GitHub gist account, along with a way to import from a Gist.

They mentioned this awhile back, with the sharing issues going on it may make a comeback.

Yep - we used to gist a lot, then they added .codea export/import, and that’s MUCH nicer…

Which means of course Apple wants it to go away. Sigh.

gist is the only place I’ve found that lets you consistently select text and then do “select all”. Even github proper doesn’t work right.

It should be considered a given that if Apple doesn’t allow us to import a .codea file, they won’t allow import from github. And yes - it’s been suggested in the past (by myself, for sure, not sure if I was the first), and I think it’s still an excellent idea. :slight_smile:

Tisk tisk apple. Their too big to fail.

Mmm. I beg to differ.

I remember Microsoft was the giant. They’re still big - but they’re a joke now.

One problem with being at the top - you have nowhere to go but down. I wasn’t a big believer in the cult of Steve Jobs… but we’ll see. I keep hoping they’ll mellow a bit now for the better…