shadow shader

I have an object that I’d like to add a simple shader to that puts a small shadow around the edge of the object. (The object Im referring to is a rectangle used as a button). I’ve been using Codea for quite a while, but I haven’t dealt with Shaders quite enough to be able to make one myself yet. Can anyone help me with some starting code? Even just a simple Shader that gives me the basics, so I can look at it and try to customize it to my needs would be appreciated.

I would recommend getting the GLSL Studios app, its an amazing app dealing with shaders that gives the code for them with tutorials also. best part is that its free! At least the free version is, and thats all you need

So I downloaded the app, but it appears to only work with images. Is there any way to import the code for a shader into my codea project and then apply it to a rectangle (not an image) that I have?

To that, i do not know

CodeaNoob, I cant find a lite version, only the paid version of GLSL Studio. are you referring to OpenGL ES Development with Shaderific?

Ya, srry, Shaderific is what i have

I have done a “proper” 3d shadows in a shader on this thread:

However, if what you are after is a drop shadow for a button then this may be substantially over complicated.

Possible spriting it down once offset by a few pixels with a dark tint and then again over the top may be enough and simpler for a button.