Shade Pro 1.1 (23)

The new version is out (finally)! Here are the build notes. These include both the notes from last time and this current build. Newer changes are listed first (except for the note about export plugins.)

#Version 1.1 (23)

##New: Export Plugins

  • Custom export plugins can now be added to Shade in the Documents/Plugins folder
  • These plugins are an advanced feature, requiring extensive and sophisticated Lua and Shader programming knowledge
  • Outside of the Beta program, plugins will require the pro unlock
  • Documentation/Examples:

##New: Nodes

  • Tiler node - Advanced tiling pattern creation with a single node
  • Tile Data node for use with Tiler node
  • Append node - combine Vector and Number types more conveniently
  • Ambient Occlusion node - generate AO from height and normal information
  • Curvature node for calculating the curvature of a surface based on normal information
  • Parallax Offset node
  • Volume Raytracing node (documentation and example coming soon)
  • Volume Flatten and Volume Texture nodes (documentation and examples coming soon)

##New: Features

  • Support for HDR image-based lighting. Place .hdr images within Shade’s Documents/HDR folder
  • Official support for custom preview models. Place fbx/obj/blend/stl files within Shade’s Documents/Models folder
  • New background option to Sky preview mode, called Atmosphere that uses a physically-based atmospheric model
  • Zoom to Fit menu option
  • Fullscreen preview option
  • Multiple different types of noise nodes can now be used together without causing shader errors
  • Grayscale, rgb and rgba image format options to Bake node
  • 8 bit and 16 bit image format options to Bake node
  • Functionality for Group menu option (keyboard shortcut Cmd+G)
  • Support for multi-select (hold and drag on an empty canvas area to make a selection rectangle)
  • Support for copy/paste and duplication of multiple nodes at once
  • Single tap context menu for canvas and nodes
  • Higher resolution options to Bake nodes
  • Option to enable/disable Bake nodes saving baked textures to the file system
  • Option to copy Bake node textures to the pasteboard
  • Sun Angle option to the preview panel, allowing the sun light to be moved around
  • Pixel space option to Screen Position node

##Fixed and Improved

  • Fixed issues with nodes that sample expressions multiple times when using mipmapped textures
  • Fixed ambient occlusion calculations within physical shading model
  • Baked textures are now saved when Shaders are closed to reduce slowdowns while editing
  • The preview window no longer refreshes every frame, unless something changes (node connections, shader properties, viewing angle/zoom etc)
  • Universal Undo/Redo support via 3 finger drag gesture (left and right)
  • Fixed Exp node inputs
  • Improvements to generated shader code in some cases

##Known Issues

  • Sometimes static previews (no time nodes connected) fail to refresh when dependent shader properties are changed
  • Some shaders may be incompatible with Codea, until Codea 3.1 is released

Great examples of what @John has been able to create with Shade 1.1

@Simeon @John - thanks for these, very impressed with the keyboard sphere example in Shade. That will take me weeks to decipher!!!