setting WIDTH and HEIGHT

Hey guys, it’s me again

so I started working on an app, and I needed to adjust the WIDTH and HEIGHT in order to test it for other devices, I remember this working in the past, but now… whenever I do it in setup, it only is adjusted during the setup, and reset after.

Am I doing something wrong or overlooked something?

small example…

function setup()
    HEIGHT = 300

-- This function gets called once every frame
function draw()

I’ve searched the board and found this:
Not sure if it is helpful.

Yeah I guess I’ll have to use lowercase width and height, thanks, I probably didn’t remember it correctly, must’ve never worked as I remembered.

There has been issues raised about this in the past - sometimes it’s better to set them outside of setup(), also try pressing reset immediately after your app has started.

Although having done universal app development using Codea - the easiest way is to have your own globals called _WIDTH, _HEIGHT or DEVICE_WIDTH etc

@TechDoho yeah I just went with my own globals, wasn’t that hard so yeah