Server to codea

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  1. Question: Is it possible to connect a server to apps made with codea??

  2. Can you create a local server to codea (in codea), because then we could try to work with servers on Lua.

  3. Thx for answering me the question and for listening to my idea.

Codea programs can certainly access servers, you can use http.request to read and write files from Codea to WebDAV servers for instance.

Example of various WebDAV commands here:

As for whether Codea code itself could act as a server, I guess that depends what kind of server you mean. Certainly it has LuaSocket, so your code can respond to incoming messages. I imagine that building a full-blown html server would be a bit more involved though

Yes I have actually with my friend programmed a simple protocol over the internet with a server, with Codea as the client. LuaSocket is very versatile, and sockets can communicate with each other across languages (ie the game may be written in Lua, the server in Java).