Send POST data with an openURL request?

Any way that I’m un aware of to send POST data along with an openURL() call?

I thought that I could just use http.request with a safari url Scheme but there isn’t one… It looks to me that only GET will work with openURL()

@Briarfox - I thought I covered it here

isn’t this what Codea Community does? or is it using GET?

@Briarfox I think toffer sorted this in one of my paint app threads, I’ll see if I can dig it out.
Edit: Might not actually as you probably know…

@ignatz I use it regularly with http.request. But I’m unsure about passing POST data with openURL. Just looking for a quicker way for my small project instead of connecting with http.request then opening a url.

Basicly send the post data with openURL to open a web page in codea. I can always default to an encoded GET with openURL.

I don’t think I’m being very clear, let me try again. I’d like to open a webpage that shows the POST data that I sent it.

@Briarfox so if you made a text editor program which had the option to upload the text to e.g. Dropbox and thier was also a option to preview it on Dropbox to see if it had sent? Not a good example but you get the general idea of what I’m saying

I found a work around. I use http.request to post the data then pass it back as a cookie. Then I openURL and bam the post data is there :slight_smile:

@kirorp something like that but there is not intention of saving data. I’m using codeas browser to format info I want to display to the user. I was over thinking it. http.request the post data, start a session then open codeas browser and you are good to go.