Holy shit, iPad IDEs are all the rage now! And this time with a well known scripting language.

Seems like a custom language, lua-like but not…

My review of version 1.01 of ScriptKit (which is based on Lua 5.1), in the light also of what is coming in version 1.5 of Codea, is that it underlines the value of Codea’s tabs and dependencies, Editor, in-app documentation, Forum and user community, and Wiki.

It is Lua. It does allow users to publish to the App Store with it. It is a pretty powerful language, but Codea seems to be much better price wise and support wise.

Ouch, $20 bucks to edit! But it does have native components…

okay im very confused… which language is it?

Had a bit of a look and seems there’s a number of negative comments regarding the fact it’s advertised as free but, you have to do the usual ‘in-app purchase’ nonsense to do anything useful whatsoever with it. As the price Is pretty expensive (ouch!) I would expect at least some limited functionality ( rather than a set of pre-canned demo videos) to test it out hence the comments.

Yup, as @Zoyt indicates it uses Lua as its main language with additional classes, methods and functions as hooks onto standard iOS UI widgets. It also appears to have excellent support for building apps that access the web (http.get, http.put, json, sockets…etc). Although the most interesting, and the first time I’ve seen it in one of these new fangled iPad IDE’s, is that it has support for playing and controlling video over the web.

I guess it’s a bit like comparing apples and bananas - as Codea, ScriptKit (and Pythonista) are all good at different things. Although for creating apps that look and behave like iOS native ones this seems like a good option, but for anything demanding relating to graphics, games, simulations and interactivity Codea is waaaaay out in front IMHO, I’m sure 1.5 will solidify this even further. :wink:

P.s. I really object to marketing blurb that claim you can create ipad apps using ‘drag and drop programming’ (see ScriptKit blurb) - which falsely imply how easy the whole process is. As we all know, to do anything vaguely non-trivial and interesting requires a reasonably good knowledge of programming.

My 10 cents.

I have bought ScriptKit and seems pretty powerful, can’t wait to try it this weekend.

Appears they’ve slashed the price by 50% today as some sort of Black Friday promotion… Slightly better value I guess, but from playing with it for a few hours I’m somewhat underwhelmed to be honest.

If it does standard widgets and any sort of database access, it’s worth a lot.

the price for the full version seems to be lowered still, hopefully permanent