Did you miss the first screen shot Saturday?

I forgot about it until now.

Miss? It happens every saturday.

The first one with 1.3 :slight_smile:

I think you got the first one with 1.3 proper. I posted one when I put the feature in.

Did you all miss it again? :slight_smile: I keep forgetting about it myself until Saturday evening which mean Saturday is over for most.

I don’t think I’ve ever noticed this feature. Where are we supposed to look?


Last I looked (last week) screenshots were to be found on twitter using the #screenshotsaturday hashtag.

Edit: haha I think you were making a joke right? (And I should be going to be bed…)

@Mark if you press the capture button and choose to tweet it Codea will automatically insert #screenshotsaturday into the tweet text if it’s Saturday.

All tweeted images with this tag are automatically collated at http://screenshotsaturday.com

Aha! It’s a feature! Nice!

Ah, spiffy. I popped up a screenshot from Sprite Invaders.

If I’d known … is it Saturday local time, or Aussie time?

Your device’s local time

I remembered a bit earlier this week and @bee got to it before I did

Sorry @Ipda41001. :slight_smile: Just posted another screenshot, I mean video recording. Check it out! :smiley:

Update: Codea’s picture sharing feature via Twitter is very handy. It works very well with iOS 5. I hope video sharing via YouTube could be done from within Codea as well. Currently we gotta do it from iPad’s Photo app. Next version, perhaps? :wink:

I Put up a picture of my work in progress. Boy, drawing with mesh is much, much faster than walking an array. 10,000 rects, 5,000 trees, 1,000 structures plus runways, and more code in drawing the instruments than the map – and performance is still good.

@Mark - That’s awesome!

That looks very intriguing, @Mark!

Thanks. It’s a long way from a complete game, though. I’m overheating my brain dealing with the inverted world of meshes mingled with non-mesh drawing, and the whole thing being shifted, rotated, and scaled. Behind the scenes, the math looks pretty good (and all those glittery instruments work) but the actual view of the world keeps crumbling, and that’s before I’ve even thought up a play mechanic.

Haha. Nice screenshot @Nat (I think that’s you).