Screen Recording Feature broken

has this feature been updated? as soon as I push the video button, the app just kinda freezes rendering until I press the video button again and it asks me what i want to do with the video. if i save it and view it, it’s just a blank video, even tho my program keeps right on running.

@ignatz @simeon

also, @ignatz, my name is matkatmusic, not meerkatmusic lol. check your autocorrect

If your program is too complex, the video recorder won’t work properly

I use an app called Reflector to mirror Codea to my PC and record the output

@matkatmusic there are definitely fixes to video recording coming in 2.1. Sorry about the issues now. It’s waiting for approval.

Am I the only one who’s been checking the Roadmap page every day since it went into submission on the 24th Nov :slight_smile:

Submission usually takes around two weeks so I’m hoping it’ll go live early next week (although this weekend would be pretty awesome)

I feel like a Codea stalker :slight_smile:

@TechDojo me too… I’m hoping this new version

I wish updates were issued more frequently. what’s the reason for it seeming like updates only occur twice a year lol

also, i am sure no one suggested it, but when you define a custom class, there’s only one init function, right? So, it would be awesome if when you create instances of that class, it shows you the parameters you specified in your init() function. Just like what happens for built-in functions like line(), sprite(), etc…

@matkatmusic It’s because there are only 1-2 people working on Codea, and I believe they only work on it once or twice a week. They have a lot of other stuff to work on, in addition to their lives.

wait, you mean Codea isn’t their life?!??!?! :stuck_out_tongue: