Scary bug in Codea

Hi, I have a weird bug in Codea right now. ALL my projects disappeared from the list!!!
If I use iExplorer from my MAC when my iPad is connected, I can see that ALL the projects folders are present. Also, if I create a new project, it crashes and does not save it!!!
Any ideas?

Thank you!

i had these once, restarted the iPad and everything was fine

Try copying all the projects to your computer with iExplorer, reinstalling Codea, and putting the projects back on. Good luck!

@dreamergb are you up to date on both Codea and iOS? The only time I’ve had something like this happen was when I’d failed to update iOS and ran into a little compatibility issue.

@Mark, yes I am up to date in both! This is kind of weird. Anyway, I have removed Codea and and reinstalled it. Since I always backup my code, I have copied my projects back with iExplorer and all is back to normal now. Thanks @Zoyt for the suggestion, I did not have any other choice.