Saving to home screen

I am in the finishing stages on an app that i am making. I want to save it to my home screen. Is there a way to test it and open it on my iPad as a regular app, without uploading to the app store?


can I save it to Xcode and then put in on my iPad or use fun box and save it as an application @Ignatz

You may be able to use TestFlight, but I haven’t done that, others will be able to advise you

@Ignatz Just a note: TestFlight requires an Apple developer license, which is $99/year. Also, I think the new version needs you to update your app every 30 days to keep it on your iPad.

ok thx @Ignatx and @SkyTheCoder

how would i do this test flight, Can i have some direction? @SkyTheCoder

@Atfresh I don’t know the process, but Google probably has the answers. Keep in mind that TestFlight is really only for polished apps that are intended to go on the App Store and want to be beta-tested first, though, as it costs $99/year, which isn’t just for someone who wants to put their app on only their iPad.

Hey @Atfresh, if you really need to test your app on your device outside codea everything you need is an apple developer account, which is given at 99 usd per year and a mac running latest xcode version. Exporting your project to xcode will allow you to test it on any device of your own. Testflight instead is meant for others to test your app on their devices. And they’ll all need an apple dev well. Hope it helps

I have testflight and I don’t have a dev subscription…

@deactive I’m pretty sure only the business developing the app has to have a dev subscription, not the testers too.

@skythecoder, @ignatz, you’re right, no need of dev subscription for testers

oh ok thx guys @deacive @SkyTheCoder @Ignatz

There used to be a way to get a .app file out of Xcode and install it directly to your device, without having a dev account. I never did it though, and it may not be possible anymore.