saveLocalData() and app updates

How safe is it to store high scores using saveLocalData() if we are planning to submit an app to the app store? I mean, will the data be safe once we push an update? Or will an updated binary overwrite the local data? Thanks!

saveLocalData will not change when you push out a new version. SaveProjectData, on the other hand will be overwritten when you push out a new version.

Thanks @JakAttak! I will then save high scores using saveLocalData!

@JakAttak are you sure on that? I had always thought it was the other way around.

@Briarfox I’m pretty sure. saveProjectData stores project data, meaning that when you push out a new build, your project data will override everyone else’s.

EDIT: Just to be certain, perhaps ask @Simeon

@Briarfox, @JakAttak, thanks for helping out. I hope @Simeon can shed some light into the issue.