Running Unsigned Codea Code as an application

I’ve found out a simple hack of running unsigned Codea code as an application without compiling it on a mac.I have only tested this on my jailbroken ipad 2 ios 6.1.1,I’m not sure if this work on a non-jailbroken ipad but most likely it will work.

P.S:This method isn’t fully efficient but it is very simple

What you need:
1.An application already compiled and released on the appstore or you could use one of the beta apps/games that is made with codea if you joined the beta testing through testflight(I recommend using the beta app because most if not all uses the latest Codea runtime)
2.An ios file manager (e.g itools,ifunbox etc) or you could use ifile if you are using a jailbroken device.

1.using the file manager,go to the target application filesystem and open the (application name).app folder and go to (application name).codea and backup the .codea folder just in case(OPTIONAL)
2.Go to Codea/Documents/(your project name).codea and copy all of the .lua files,info.plist and data.plist.
3.Back to the target application,delete all of the files in the .codea folder of the target application if you don’t want it cluttering the folder then paste the copied files into that folder and overwrite any files and you’re good to go

EDIT:Copy and paste the .spritepacks folder from codea into the target app/.app/spritepacks if your code use images

Neat idea, anyone try this on a non jailbroken device?

I am surprised.
1/ ithough the lua code was converted into xcode. It is not the case, apparently?
2/ there is a _CodeSignature folder, containing a file that mentions program files or data and some odd code: this is application specific? So data from another app will not be listed here, and wont work?

Quite a bump, but I believe that the Lua code isn’t converted or compiled or anything (that’s be error prone, buggy, and damn well near impossible when you consider Lua’s duck typing). Instead, I think even fully released Codea apps are just run on a Lua interpreter written in Objective-C.

Correct for the previous versions of xcode exports. There is a bunch of lua code that is in the xcode project and the lua runtime too. It’s runtime interpreted. I’ve sometimes make last second patches on Lua code in xcode for bugs in my Codea project and ported back to the ipad after validating my fixes.

So is it just a matter of getting your build validated to get an app on the App Store because if that’s true there’s got to be away straight from the iPad to validate your build and send it directly into iTunes connect … Any ideas?

there’s got to be away straight from the iPad to validate your build and send it directly into iTunes connect

No, there’s no way to do this.