Running Lua code on PC

I’m new to this and wondering if there is any way of running scripts on a PC? I looked at Lua editors - a popular one seems to be SciTE but that appears to be just text based. There are so many emulators around, even for games consoles from the 80’s, but can’t find anything that will run lua programs written using Codea.
Does the Codea app provide an environment for running the scripts such that it could only be run externally on an emulator and there isn’t one?
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Check out loveCodea… Just search for it

loveCodea will work for older stuff, but can’t support new features like meshes.

If you’re looking for the same power, without necessarily trying to be 100 compatible, try plain old - which is what loveCodea is built on.

Fact is - lua doesn’t natively support higher-end constructs like graphics - you bolt libraries on top to do it. Those libraries vary depending on the platform. You won’t see unmodified Codea apps running on the PC without being in an emulator. You could, in theory, take the Codea runtime and make it happen with Xcode and the like, but it would be quite the task.

Thanks so much guys… that’s really helpful :wink:

Hi guys. I managed to get lovecodea compiling my program on my PC but noticed that there’s some issue with the mesh() function. Sprite() works perfectly well, but somehow my textures are not loading (i.e. I see a white box instead of a textured map for mesh). I tried the usual changing folder of my art files, forwardslash, etc. to no avail. On github, the function uses loadSprite, so I am thinking it should work if sprite is working. Am I missing something?

Grateful for advice.

Bortels, you said lovecodea doesn’t support meshes yet; is it something that will be up soon? I have tried to run my graphics and animations through the sprite function, but it slows down my FPS from around 40-60 to about 1-5 FPS, which is not acceptable. could advise on my options?

If you are talking about this loveCodea:

Meshes without textures are supported, also sprite meshes like demonstrated in the Hello Mesh example. Triangle texture maps are difficult in LÖVE, didn’t look into rectangular texture maps yet (which are at the moment not my primary concern, sorry).