RPG Sandbox looking for Beta-testers

I’m looking for some beta-testers for a simple RPG sandbox (Terraria/Minecraft meets RPG) game made using RPG-action. It’s a sandbox map where you can craft/build/fight your way through the game. The video says it all.

PM me with your UDID if interested in doing some beta testing.


Nice game! Wasn’t there already a topic about it?

Yup, that’s the app that built this game. The app is not quite polished, but the game is almost done.

Ok, let me beta, not multiplayer, but OK.

Pls private message me your UDID so I can include you in the build. Let me know your iphone/ipad model too. Thanks!


Looking really really nice. Love how the roof fades out when you enter a building. Great artwork too.