Retina display

Just a quick one for @Simeon. Are the coordinates we use in Codea actually ‘points’, as with Quartz / UIKit?

I’m just wondering whether the max WIDTH and HEIGHT for the new iPad will remain as 1024 and 768, and we just use floats to access the extra pixels? Or whether WIDTH and HEIGHT will represent the actual resolution of the display? I’m presuming the former.

WIDTH and HEIGHT on the new iPad will remain at 1024x768.

I suspect that if a sprite named “Sprite@2x.png” is present in a spritepack it will be used instead of “Sprite.png” when a retina display is detected. However we will need to change our rendering and image classes to account for the discrepancy in size — so that @2x sprites are actually rendered at half their size, in screen coordinates.

We’ll be doing this before March 16, hopefully with full retina support approved by then.

The plans for image are to have image( width, height ) actually allocate image( width * 2, height * 2 ) on retina devices. image:set will set 2x2 pixel blocks on retina — setContext(image) will render at full fidelity. There will also be image:setActual/getActual added for advanced users who wish to add retina and non-retina render paths to their code.

Thinking about it, I hope you can get a font size setting working soonish - I bet small fonts will look pretty awesome on the retina display! :slight_smile:

But they’re so pretty big…

Retina Raw

Oooooh. :slight_smile:

I loaded up a full res iPad retina screenshot on the 27" iMac yesterday - it’s just ridiculous. :smiley: