[RESOLVED] project description and author not shown on project screen

@Simeon just noticed this

@CodingOnNapkins It’s probably not a bug. They were probably left off to save space. I could see a need for that info if it’s on a school iPad where different students write code. Is that you’re reason. Maybe it could be made an option.

@CodingOnNapkins it’s not a bug, they were removed. They can still be used (saveProjectInfo()…) but won’t display on the main screen. There is now proper support for custom project icons instead (hit the screenshot button in the viewer and press “Set Icon”)

I suspect very few people used them. The author was never shown on the main screen and was always used for Xcode export or in the quick-search list.

@Simeon set icon only in an export file but not in project icon. I only use the ipad, no pc or mac. any way to change icon on ipad without them.

@CodingOnNapkins press the camera button while your project is running, then you can choose “Set Icon”

i don’t see camera button on ipad. there is only the lock button.

i see the new button undo :slight_smile:

The camera button when your project is running. Next to the record video button, restart button, pause/play button, and back button.

@Simeon thanks now I just have to have the screen contain nothing but what I want in the icon since the screen becomes the icon!

@Simeon oh very good idea, it’s work fine

@Simeon Creating an image for a project couldn’t be easier, nice job. Just one question about it. What is the size difference of a 768x1024 project image (retina) compared to the default project image. I don’t want to set images on 400+ projects if it’s going to eat up more memory than the default images.

EDIT: I used iExplorer to look at the size of the project images and they varied in size from about 30 to 70 KB which isn’t that much.

I’d recommend using project icon size of 175 points (so 350 pixels on retina).

That is, if you were to do it in code it would look like this:

local img = image(175,175)

saveImage("Project:Icon", img)

When I get time I plan to update the “Set Icon” behaviour to allow for custom cropping and proper sizing of the resulting icons.