[RESOLVED]Help with OAuth needed

I do not recall who it was but someone on here said they knew how OAuth worked. I’m working on a program to backup to giithub with gists. I understand all methods for posting and updating gists. However how can I get an OAuth key from within codea? I’ve only been able to do this using console and curl -username http://githubaddress then json encoded table. Anyone have any idea how to get an Auth Token from github from within codea? It would really make my app more user friendly instead of asking people to get the token via osx or windows. I thought I had it but my attempts prove usless.

I think @aciolino mentionned OAuth competence once, but i think it was on dropbox.

So, yeah…I’ve done OAuth for both DropBox and SkyDrive. I’ll say that both of them had differences. For example, to get SkyDrive to work, I had to make a MOAI client to end me the key. So…depending on github, and OAuth 1 or 2, you might have an easy time or not.

I don’t have time to look into OAuth this week, but I would be happy to help however I can. If you have a copy of the DropBox code you’ll see that it’s OAuth 1 with no sha256. I don,t recall if I have the SkyDrive code posted yet.

Thanks @jmv38 and @aciolino I’ll check out the dropbox code, Ihave it but I have so many projects its getting hard to find stuff :slight_smile: I believe Github uses OAuth v2.

The OAuth doesn’t matter as much as the return key portion. Some sites require a web endpoint, others can register from a url once authorized.

It looks like Github uses a URI callback. but thats to register an application. I can easily grab a auth token via terminal with curl but i cant figure out how to pass the username and password from within codea. as I do using console. My other option is to use basic authentication and that might be the way to go.

I got it, I use basic Auth to get the Token then OAuth after that.