Resolved: Ball Project BETA

Greetings! I’ve gotten my game project to the point of beta testing. Its a fast paced arcade style time trail game where you maneuver a ball through 10 gates before times runs out to move to the next stage.

Game Explanation:
The way you maneuver the ball is quite unique. When you touch the screen you place a device down that can’t be moved by dragging. If the ball comes within a certain distance from the device then a physical rope is formed in between the two, restraining the ball to a maximum distance from the placed device. This restraint pulls the ball off its original path and generally into spinning around the device. When you lift your finger, the device is removed and the connection broken, thus sending the ball where ever its inertia will take it.

If you would like to be a tester please make a post down below, PM me with your email, and provide a name if you would like credit. You’ll get an email from iTunes sometime after I see your response and follow the links in there.

To test you need an iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone with iOS 8.

I need testers for iPad mini and iPhone 6 currently but all are welcome.

Screen shots:

The game is mostly complete except for game center and app icons. It also won’t pause when you exit the app while playing


  • Still resets project data

  • Doesn’t pause game when you leave

  • Difficulty to high?


  • Fixed in next version: Resets project data upon restarting the app

  • Doesn’t pause game when you leave

  • If you hit Retry or Home from the game over screen while a “new portal” sign is still showing, it gets frozen in place (?)

I would like to beta test.


SOLVED In 1.0.1, it seems that project data is deleted when the app is closed.

Will be fixed in the next version.

Looks nifty, I don’t mind beta testing in between work and my game (might not be often)

@Luatee What ever you can do helps. Email?


@Luatee Sent

Hi @Goatboy76, sounds like an interesting and fun game. The visuals are a little off putting to me, have you given any thought to themes?

@JakAttak Thanks. Whats off putting about the visuals? To much grey? The theme is “thick metal and big bolts”. Im going for a sort of redunted blast proofing sort of feel. The doors that you see in the main menu are a big part of this. They serve as a transition in between the game and main menu.

@Goatboy76 using iDraw on iPad this is the best result you’ll get for metal, I’m in the middle of trying to make a shader for a better metal look in my game if you want to try that?

@Luatee I used the mac and iPad version of idraw to make the art. Im happy with the metal look unless I get a lot of suggestions to change it but yeah, Im interested in seeing your metal shader.

@Goatboy76, yes it is mostly the large amounts of gray, though it fits with your theme as you explained. I actually think they look good other than the color scheme is a bit drab.

@JakAttak I think that the grey can be helpful to highlight the important things. The 3 important things, ball, gate, time are all bright and in color. Still, I agree that I should be carful not to over due the grey.

For those of playing along at home, 1.1 is now ready for download. App icons should be included. I fixed bugs and made the early stages a bit easier.

It appears that 1.1 deletes the project data when you close the app (not exit) and then come back. Does this happen for any of you? Is that just because its a test version or would that stick with it when its released?

@Goatboy76 …Are you saving the data?

@SkyTheCoder Of course. It works fine in codea. I get a new highest stage, leave the program and close codea, and then reopen codea and start the program and the highest stage is correct. But, whenever I close the test flight app, the highest stage and the sound settings are reset to the starting settings.

Can I be a beta tester, that game looks awesome!

@CalebAnder, this post is relatively old, i dont think the project is still in beta. Also, it’s frowned upon to revive dead threads like this one