Request - projects in Dropbox

Not sure if this has already been discussed but it seems to me that if we could nominate Dropbox as the location for a project when creating it, that would be extremely useful as an alternative to iExplore etc. Presumably, the app integration with Dropbox is private so Apple will be happy? Or is that the issue, that we can share a link to that folder?

From my understanding, the App Dropbox folder can’t be shared.

It’s an interesting idea. However, Apple does not allow us to enable iTunes File Sharing, which would also be a private way to get projects off of your iPad. So I don’t think they would let it pass.

Have they explained why? It’s hard to see the logic.

i think to have programs like files is the problem… if it would be that easy, you could programm many programs and share them with codea, and apple would not know it… i think it would be a loss of control for them, and that, they usually do not like :stuck_out_tongue:

I imagine the issue is it might make importing other programs (i.e. apps as Apple would see them) would be too easy. We would have a way of getting code onto the device without going through the app store, even if you do need a specific app to make it work. Shame.

Ok - I’ve seen this in some apps - how about if we had the option to access the project files via IP address over WiFi - I’ve seen a few apps that do this for local network file sharing.

i think the problem is not how to do it, but the thing itself is the problem… the kind of file transfer does not matter so much i think…