Request: make syntax error highlight over text more translucent

A lot of times the change I need to make is on the line it’s covering up, and a I can’t see the text behind it without getting close and squinting. Even better might be to place red line indicator behind the text and the cursor if possible, and darken text to provide more contrast. I use Dark Mode, but I checked and it’s pretty bad on Light Mode also.

Yes, I agree it would be nice to see the error first up rather than having to place the cursor and type to make the error mark go away.

Hi All,

Would it be possible to either put a colour marker (like the function one) at the begining of the line with an error in it, or - highlight the text of the line in question with a contrasting colour so that the text is visible - it would be prudent to change all text in that line to the same colour. That way we can see where the error is (or at least close to it) and can then consider what we need to edit.