recovering deleted class

I don’t suppose that if I accidentally hit delete on class that there’s anyway I can get it back from the ipad, anyone knows?

@twolifvesleft: please think about this. I held down on the class tab to rename it, and then my finger brushed against the delete button, and puft, my class was gone. Maybe a chicken box that asks if you really want to delete?

I would like to add a +1 to Ruilov’s request for a chicken box for delete. Also please for the project browser (as a safeguard for hitting delete instead of duplicate).


Agreed. +1

Good idea, I’ll add these. Sorry you lost your code, @ruilov. That must have sucked.

(I’ve moved this out of the “Members Only” category since that can’t be seen by people browsing the forum and there’s no reason for this to be a private discussion. That category appears first on the list in the categories so if you don’t actually select a category for your discussion it ends up there automatically.)

Thanks Andrew. That really shouldn’t be the default, I’ll try to change it.

I think it’s because it is the most-recently-created category.

I’ve tried changing the order. Hopefully that works.

Has the class deletion chicken box ever been added? I know that there’s been one added for project deletion, but my classes still seem to delete too easily.

@time4coding, this is a 4+ year old discussion, if you have a question, please make a new discussion