recording a video without the Codea logo?

I am new to Codea and have no idea whether this is possible? The point is that I would prefer to have the choice to not include that logo in the bottom right corner of the screen capture (nice and subtle as it is) because I sometimes like to create generative visuals that I can later include in, for example… a clip in a music video! I am always happy to state which applications I use independently.
Mega thanks to all involved in building a great application and everyone here on the forum - lot’s of very helpful information here.
best - J

As far as i know, there is no why to record the screen without the logo unless you jailbreak and use the tweak “display recorder”

Thanks…I was thinking about that but even then, you capture the video recording/camera/refresh buttons etc on the bottom left! As lame as it is of me to say this, it appears it would then have to be something that is changed or dropped by TLL and that seems like a lot of work for maybe little reason (unless other users would prefer not to have the logo on their work?)…

Its a copyright issue, thats why the logo must remain on the video.

And try (FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS) To get rid of those buttons

Wow, thanks so much… FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS works a charm! I really am a noob… so how did you find that?
I respect and understand that the logo appears for copyright reasons within Codea, however, it seems a little strange that you could create something relatively unique and have no choice but to advertise the application you made it with in a screen capture! I am used to using Processing but hey credit where credit is due… you definitely get one!

I found it out in the manuals in the project keyboard.

oops! now I feel a bit stupid for not seeing that :slight_smile: Time for me to read more about this app and relax my hacking!

Np, im a hacker too! :slight_smile:

.@jasl you can get rid of the logo by deleting / changing the texture in the package. I believe you can do this if you have some sort of file browser (iExplorer, iFunbox) installed. The file is called “MadeWithCodea.png.”

@Simeon - thanks for the info - yes I should have posted back… I found this earlier today in another post on the forum! Lots of great info and help here and very much appreciated!
info here in case others want to read >