Raster Font Renderer

All the source files are here

I originally made it for a mock terminal I was writing (my only other option was drawing every character as a sprite, which was too slow).
Normal text drawing, although fast, is somewhat limited - it doesn’t allow color inversion or multiple colors in one string. This library is also limited in that the font used has to be monospaced, and may take a while to design, but I’ve found it useful for a few of my projects.

It runs at 50-60 fps rendering a full screen of text. As it’s not very intuitive to use, the library file includes some demo code in the Main tab.

The Editor file can be used to create or edit fonts - the red/blue buttons on the right side of the screen move between characters, the grey bar next to them saves the font, and the top grey bar clears the current character. The green/purple buttons move up and down rows (there are 8 rows in a font, probably used for bold/italics, etc.)

Currently it’s slightly buggy, but I’ll be updating it as I fix issues.

EDIT: I’ve added a new file, Fontgen.lua, which automatically creates a usable font.

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