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I’m trying to build a table of questions and answers. I can’t figure out how to get the following question to work. I want to show a possessive noun with an apostrophe within double quotes in the question.

Question[43] = { '"Mothers'" is a:', "Plural possessive noun", "Plural noun", "Singular possessive noun" } 


that will do it

    Question[43] = { '"'.."Mothers'".. '"' .." is a:", "Plural possessive noun", "Plural noun", "Singular possessive noun" } 

I tried using ‘[[…]]’ to escape the characters, and this worked when printed in the output pane.


So, I think this might be what you are looking for.

Question[43] = {[["Mother's"]] .." is a:", "Possessive noun"}

Seems to work fine on it’s own.

Thanks a bunch, I’ll check these out.

For the record, I couldn’t get the option with brackets to work but the other one does. Thanks again.