Quick Question on texturing vertices

Suppose I have a complex 2D shape I am trying to model in 3D, with triangle vertices.

If the size of the texture image can be small or large, ie anything, it gets quite complicated figuring out where to put all the vertices, because triangles need to be fitted to the image as well as to the overall shape.

A simpler solution is to create a temporary image the same size as the whole shape, and tile it with the image, then the whole shape fits within this image, and you can define vector triangle sizes as you wish, without any constraints imposed by image size.

My question is - if I do this, and if I destroy the temporary image afterwards, is there likely to be a hit on memory or performance as the result of using a large image, ie does Codea have to keep the image in memory, or does it discard it once the triangles are textured initially?