Query about RPG apps.

Hello Codea folks!

Sorry to the mods if this is off topic but I figured if anyone would know the answer it would be you guys.

I’m wondering if any of you knows if there is something like a rpg creator app for iOS?

I know you can get loads of different rpg makers for the PC but is there an rpg maker or equivalent for iOS?

I don’t care about the price tbh.

Note:- I’m not crazy and thinking of creating something graphically stunning I’m thinking of graphics like the old
Ultima series, sort of 8 bit graphics.

Now, I’m sure you guys could use codea to do this but it would be vastly out of my level, I have only made one codea game and that was a simple fruit machine.

So… Do you know of any?

@Tyson you should be motivated to do this yourself in Codea, even if it involves a lot of learning. I wouldn’t think there’d be any RPG makers if a search didn’t bring them up as it would be limited to such an extent that every RPG made with it would be very similar. You’re more likely to find an RPG maker for iOS on PC,

i’m actually working on a text-based rpg style game right now, it’s quite a learning experience, and if you have any questions on how to do something your always welcome to ask us here!

Okay, I guessed there wouldn’t be any but it was worth asking.

As for making a game like that in Codea, that’s really not a path I wish to go down right now, no offence intended towards Codea but even a simple rpg is going to be infinitely more involved and complex than my fruit machine was and to be honest I really don’t have the patience or brains to learn something so complex.

But thanks anyway.

I do believe there is a RPG project on the forums somewhere, i’ll try and find a link



@Tyson only you yourself can make Codea seem complex, making a RPG is easier than you think.

like I said I really don’t want to make one with codea, tbh I like the idea of designing maps and characters and towns and dungeons but I really don’t want to spend months trying to code a basic rpg framework for it. I really don’t want to be posting on here and asking for help every day like I did with my fruit machine, I know you’re all friendly and helpful but building an rpg from the ground up is not something I wish to deal with.

No offense intended, Thanks anyway.

@Tyson look at CodeaNoob’s link then, it has what you’re looking for I believe. If you don’t get a good feeling of satisfaction out of making a working code then programming games from start to finish probably isn’t for you. No one on here has a problem with you making a topic and asking questions all over the place as long as they see you put the effort in to understand it yourself. If you enjoy Codea then check out the examples in Codea App and try to understand them one at a time (I’d go for the easier ones to begin with). Once you understand how these work you will get to grips with how an RPG would be made, and you’ll hit it like lightning. But that’s only if you truly want it.

I guess I’m not getting my point across, okay no probs. thanks for trying to help.

@Tyson just go buy 8-bit rpg creator, you can make good games and much easier that codea or any coding tool


B-but all the limitations…

@Wiesdendarm some people are more interested living in the box