Pythonista update

Im excited about the new community, finally another community to compete with codea’s, although it probably wont be as good, as it seems to have just started. The keyboard is updated too, maybe they could implement some of Codea’s keyboard shortcuts and tricks…
anyone else have some thoughts on its community?

I do like their keyboard.

We’ll see if the community helps - I think it will, but it will depend in part very much on the devlopers. TLL is REMARKABLY responsive, and the forum has been here since day 1, or darn close to it. I think there’s a good chance that pythonista may have lost a lot of people in it’s first few months, as it’s pretty opaque, at least to me. Having said that, people who do python with their spine (as I do perl) may not have the same issues. It’ll be interesting to see the interactions there. I certainly do plan on posting some questions, in part to see what kind of a response I get. (Camera support is a big question mark)

I don’t see it as “competition” - I see it as “addition”. In the end, I use lots of apps on the ipad, and I may just use pythonista for things Codea doesn’t do (like, “using python modules”, eh?). And vice versa. I’ll be very surprised - pleasantly - if the community is even half as good as the one here.

This is amusing:

They also have support for home screen icons, which seems like a neat idea, and possibly easy to implement.

Python is my best language, so I’ve already made a bookmarklet in safari for Pythonista that makes the app download and display code from a github gist url. Id like to see a codea:// scheme in the future. It would be interesting to see

The Codea Roadmap has been very silent lately, I don’t know where it is heading. Programmatic project creation and maybe built-in dialogs like Pythonista’s console.alert would help much to get where Pythonista is now in terms of code sharing. Pythonista has also been mentioned on Macdrifter and put to productive use. I have no doubts that they will build up a great community. Given Python’s large libraries it will probably a community with a different focus than Codea’s.

Pythonista 1.3 update: now they can read and save from camera roll, from a program… They seem to have a wildcard from Apple compared to others. They have so many libraries, right now available…