pure curiosity

a question for those who have been around awhile - how does the Codea community level of interest/activity/productivity compare now to in the past? I guess I ask because I’m just coming in on it all now and i’m hoping to see it grow and not diminish!..
which brings up question #2: @Simeon , are there plans for any upcoming Codea updates?

Hard to say, forum activity comes and goes. But I think it’s only the tip of the iceberg, as there are many users out there who never bother to register.

There are a number of enthusiastic users who continue to be excited by Codea, even after several years, but new users are always welcome.

So I think it’s as good as it ever was, and worth investing time in.

I’ve bounced in and out of the forums for a few years now and find the level of interest to be about constant - just my $0.02 (+ interest :slight_smile: )