I pushed a game to X-CODE and I was debugging i when I came across this error happening:

[ALWrapper deleteBuffers:numBuffers:]: Invalid Operation (error code 0x0000a004)
2013-12-10 12:09:19.952 SpaceFlight[649:70b] OAL Warning: -[OALAudioSession onAudioError:]: Received audio error notification, but last reset was 0.430671 seconds ago. Doing nothing.

I also notice when I "Shoot" and the sound is suppose to happen I get a delay in the simulator.  A little smoother on the iPad. 

Are the stock ship images ok to use for a game I wrote?  I was going to create my own images and I used the stock images because I just wanted to design the framework but the stock images are not bad at all. 

I also noticed the stock images are PDF in Xcode.  Is that correct,  should I create PDF files too or are PNG files just as smooth?

screen shot:

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@wrmichael did you solved the problem?

Hi @wrmichael,

Did some Googling, this may be caused by playing multiple sounds very close together, e.g. if you have a sound call in your draw loop…any chance of that…?

I wrote a small sound class that guards against multiple sound calls, you can do something like:

SafeSound = class()

function SafeSound:sound(s)
    if(self.playing) then return end

    self.playing = true
    -- Wait 0.5 seconds before allowing another sound...
    tween.delay(0.5, function() self.playing = nil end)


I resolved the issue by playing a single sound when the player starts the game. It is only that initial sound that seemed to cause a delay.

Working on this issue did however give me the opportunity to fine tune my cleanup classes.

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