Project name crash

When i type in V=d/t for a project name, the app crashes EVERYTIME I TRY IT! Please help

Try using a name without equals and slashes

The equal works fine for me, but a slash crashes codea

K, thx

Yeah, pretty sure that slash is mangling the project path user the hood.

Issue tracker?

I think TLL has better things to than make project names work with slashes :slight_smile:

If your thumb hurts because you keep hitting it with a hammer, stop hitting it with a hammer. If a project name doesn’t work with a slash, …

I just posted it as a precaution not to try a slash, as the app crashes

Thanks for finding this, we’ll have it detect this as an error. Even though it’s an unlikely scenario, I’d rather Codea handle it gracefully than crash.

@CodeaNoob Thanks for pointing out the error. Finding errors so they can be fixed makes for a better product which helps everyone. It’s just that you said in capital letters EVERY TIME I TRY IT, so I was picturing you sitting there pressing save over and over and over again trying to get it to work. That’s when I remembered the hammer phrase that I used to hear a lot as I was growing up, so I couldn’t resist.