Project Manager

Having been using Codea for a while, I’ve accumulated at least 80 different projects, and it’s often hard to sort out the ones that I’m still working on. To help with this, I’ve made a project manager to which you can add important projects, and from which you can easily run projects you’ve added. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface, and pretty good animation.

Now that it’s fully functioning, I’ve uploaded it to Codea Community as “Project Manager”, and I’ll be updating it soon to allow you to remove projects from your list once you no longer need them.

Not all of the buttons on the main menu do anything, but that will also be fixed in the next update.


Suggestions are appreciated.

very nice look! Some similarities with a project of mine.

Which project? I recall the interface being inspired by another program on the forum, and if it was yours I’d be happy to credit it.

nope, my interface is different from yours. But many functions are similar. I was talking about ‘codea showcase’. But i am not claiming for credits.

Yours actually is where I got the idea for eased page transitions, that might be why some parts are similar.

its best to make CC CS PM into one?it’ll be powerful