Project Ideas????

We all have had it, that dreaded writer’s block. I’m having it right now, and I need some help. Please give me some project ideas as i am desperate!! Please!!!

What all the experts recommend is riffing off an old favourite. Start programming something well known, and you’ll find yourself making changes as you go. That should give you more ideas.

Or find something you’ve been meaning to learn about, and just start building something with it.

@CodeaNoob , @Ignatz its right - with over 30-40 years of video game history behind us, there are so many retro arcade games that could provide a fertile source of inspiration, as well as being ideal for a refresh for the iPad.

Check out some retro gaming sites, get a Mame emulator and see what was achieved with 1/1000 th of processing power, development tools and graphical capabilities of whats on your iPad. :slight_smile:

Get inspired by a book or movie! For example, when I was watching the hunger games, I was inspired to make a game about teenagers lost in the woods, needing to get back to civilization.

Thanks for all of the Ideas!!! And i decided to use tween to start an animated episode of somwthing

@CodeaNoob Nice! If you want a extra challenge, try making a editor like Cider for it!

Ill try

If you dare, try Digger.