Project data

There are many discussions on this topic but I’m still not clear about it. If i store something in project data then copy that project and paste it into a new project. The project data doesn’t get copied. Why is this so? But If I duplicated the project, it is copied. If I want to share the project data then how can I do it?

Project data is linked to agiven project, known by its name. When you copy the project as a text to a new project, the original project onfo is lost (you copy only the text, it may come from anywhere).
But when you duplicate a project TLL does the maximum for for your convenience: since the order start from a project, they know you want to copy the data too. And they do so. This is a bonus feature.
If you want to share the project data between codea projects on your ipad: use globaldata. If you want to share with other users, then you must manage it: include it in aproject tab, or on a web site and download it, whatver…
Hope this helps you.

K thanks @Jmv38