Progress Update: New Tab Bar

I’ll post updates like this as I work on Codea. One of the initial complaints was the tab bar was too small and hard to press, so I’ve sacrificed the status bar and given it an extra 20 pixels, in addition to slightly wider and larger tabs (also a more consistent font). The back button still looks small, but now has a 25x45 pixel hit box.

What do you guys think? Better?

New Tab Bar

I hate to say this, but it’s useless until we’re able to really try it on our iPad. :frowning:

C’mon Apple! You’re starting to piss me off with this very late approval! What I’m really afraid of is that Apple is starting to get paranoid due to popularity of Codea and they think they need to limit Codea’s features and capabilities. That’s the real problem to us. I hope I’m wrong though. :((

As I said on Twitter, I think it will be quite helpful, especially if it makes hitting the top left arrow more easily (it usually takes me two or three tries).

This is better, but…

I hope the back button is bigger than it looks - getting rid of the status bar is ok, but that also gets rid of the close button in the lower left - which seems to be identical in function to the back button, but is bigger? (and hidden behind the keyboard, sigh)

Methinks the status is bar is the wifi/time/battery indicators at the top of the screen…
(And good riddance to it…) For I’m for as much screen real estate as possible!

And, FWIW, I have no trouble hitting the tabs at the size they are now.

Edit: tabs are no problem but hitting that upper back button, as @brab pointed out, is much more hit and miss. In practice I get rid of the keyboard first (key on lower right corner) and then use the ‘close window’ X mentioned by @Bortels – but, come to think of it, that is an extra unnecessary step on my part.

So yes, glad that the back button (which I henceforth will try to use) is going to be bigger!

The tabs in the status bar are fine even for my giant paws. It’s the dang “back” button that doth vex me.

The back button in the screenshot is 25x45 pixels (old was 16x16), which is about the same as the old “+” (new tab) button.

Edit: Getting rid of the status bar doesn’t get rid of the toolbar. It’s still there and has a close and play button.

Edit2: I’ve been trying it on my device and the back button is much easier to hit.

@Simeon it’s a detail but I see that the status bar (wifi/time/battery) indicators are still there after the 1.2 update (pushing the significantly fattened menu bar further than necessary into the rest of the screen).

Now that is extremely strange. It should be gone, I think this could be a bug with Apple’s update procedure. If you are able to back up your projects, do a delete and re-install, can you let me know if that fixes it?

I suspect the Info.plist for the app isn’t being properly updated.

I was wrong. I had the status bar disabled in the beta but not in the final. This will be fixed in 1.2.1.

Loving the new tabs!

But the bottom bar seems wasteful. It only has two (small) buttons: another back button that has a different icon for some reason, and the run button. Maybe the run button could be moved to the the top?

The bottom bar is not visible when you are actually editing code, though?

Just got mine updated and playing around for a while. The image class is good. I just thought it would be great if it also supports drawing functions like the real screen. Any plan for that?

About the status bar, I actually prefer it visible. It doesn’t take much space anyway. Instead, I prefer the editor font to be a bit smaller, maybe 1-2 points smaller. But that’s just me. :slight_smile:

Could there be a way to let us enable/disable the status bar in a some future update? I also prefer to have it up there so that I don’t loose track of the time in the wee hours of the night :slight_smile:

Also, could there be a way to add an option in the API to hide the status bar while running? When I am actually running my app I don’t care for the status bar as much.

Loving new tabs & new back-button!

Ah: @bee: because of your first comment… Apple has reasons for that… They cant let everyone Give an app into the appstore, because a Guy could easily create a hack-app wich hacks into sensitive Things like iTunes where millions of Dollars are earned and Big Deals are made. But they could kind of make a gotrough for apps that are created in codify wich lets us all be appdevelopers :wink:

I think the ability to hack iOS from a sandbox app is overrated. Of course, it’s possible. But once it goes public, Apple would have known about it and could shut it down in no time. It had happened before and will happen again in the future. There’s no way Apple could 100% protect iOS as long as it allows third party apps. :slight_smile: