Programming for anyone

While I was on kickstarter, I saw this project. So far, I don’t think it will work, as no computer can understand everyone’s version of English. What do you guys think? Do you think programmers will just be making this type of software now? Do you think we will see tons of copy cat games coming on stores because of how easy it is?

I tried this a while ago. Their attempt to make it simple in Engligh made it complex, kind of like AppleScript. The original HypeCard was much better. It’s a cool concept, though.

Definatly cool, but i personally dont care for it, as programming is a awesome field, and too many people would put too close of projects out there, and I don’t like that idea

interesting. In the dim distant past i worked a lot with hypercard, it was a real shame it seemed to be abandoned by apple. Glad to see the concept is being resurrected. I will check out livecode.

The problem is these projects never have enough functionality. And even if it did work, I think personally people who don’t want to learn a proper language shouldn’t be given the ability to read out what they want with no learning whatsoever

Part of that feeling he described is the fact you Learned a new language! The same feeling doesnt arise when you drag and drop