@Simeon i don’t know if its possible, but i think point() should draw a pixel on the screen rather than an ellipse… Or the ellipse should always point towards the camera, so that it’s always a “point” and not an ellipse… Is there a function in codea that do something like that?

Looking at CodeaTemplate/Codify/ in the Codea Runtime Library, and experimenting, it appears to me that undocumented function pointSize(size) sets the size (diameter) of subsequent points (which are drawn as circles) and that stroke() has no effect.

As I learn about features of Codea not documented in the in-app reference, I have documented what I have learned in the wiki, and linked to that on this page. I’ve created pages for point() and pointSize().

Thanks @mpilgrem. I was never sure about point() and pointSize(), so they were implemented but not documented. I’ll document them in a future release.

Before this discussion, would you have said that point() and pointSize() were deprecated, with the intention they would be removed, eventually?

I can see that their existing functionality adds little. If it were removed, and missed by some users, it could be emulated by them by, for example (ignoring the current ability to push and pop the pointSize):

local size = 3
pointSize() = function (s) size = s end
point = function (x, y)
    ellipse(x, y, size, size)

On the other hand, I can see that ‘inspired by Processing’ may be a guiding principle for the content and functionality of the Codea API, and Processing has a (one pixel) point().