Problems with special characters

I wanted to use some dingbat characters in a project, so I emailed them to my ipad and pasted them into Codea. Now Codea isn’t displaying the file properly.

Here’s a link to a screen shot:

Sorry about this, @SteveH — It’s a known issue but I’ll have a look at resolving it soon. It’s caused by certain characters changing the line height, which Codea doesn’t deal with too well, as your screenshot shows.

Okie dokie. I’m glad it’s on your radar. I’m getting better at compensating, and I’m done with that project, anyway.

I’ve got a couple of ideas for my next project. One of them would be far simpler if I could figure out how to draw filled triangles or if Codea suddenly supported them. whistles innocently

EDIT: never mind. I’ll take a look at meshes.

Also if you want to use iconic characters without causing display issues you might look at using Emoji. Enable the emoji keyboard in your Settings app and then you’ll have a large range of symbols to choose from.

A proper triangle primitive would be good to have too. Something that respects stroke and behaves like ellipse and rect.

Thanks. I’ll check the Emoji keyboard to see if they have similar symbols. I just want a checkmark and an X. I like the ones in Zaph Dingbats, but I may be able to live with something else.

In my new project, I’ve got some great looking triangles using meshes, but I’m struggling with how to figure out if a triangle is being touched.

You can get a checkmark in the current font by using the string string.char(226,156,147).

Codea can deal with unicode, but to enter a character via its unicode point then you need to use the utf-8 encoding in decimal passed to the string.char as a list.

I have a library designed to make unicode easier to work with at

Thanks, Andrew. I had to do some more Googling to figure out how string.char() was outputting checkmark and how to make it do a heavy checkmark and heavy “X”, but everything is working fine now. It’s a handy technique!