Problem with Compass (GPS) in Codea 2

I tried out the GPS functionality on Codea 2 - mostly it works fine. But I’m having problems with the compass on an iPad 3. This code


function setup()

function draw()
    background(226, 226, 226, 255)
    text(location.latitude, WIDTH/2,HEIGHT/2-300)

works fine for location.speed and location.latitude but location.course 99.99% of the time returns -1 and once, just once, it returned 131.8.

Any ideas?

Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. For me, location.speed also fails.

Do speed and course require you to be moving and get an average measurement over time(such as a car journey)

I get a error for text were it expects a string

Speed works if you are moving. And it looks like course wasn’t designed to access the compass. I really needed the compass.

I see there’s not yet a fix for location.course. Does anyone have some ideas to help? Thanks