Problem wiht Ñ

Hi i speak spanish I use the letter Ñ in mi code and mi code not works
¿There is some form which there is served the letter Ñ?

Did you use it inside of quotation marks?

Like this:

food = "Ñame"

Or did you try:

Ñame = "Juanjo56"

(I only know so much Spanish, forgive the bad pun!)

I used like this:


Variable names are restricted to a small character set. I think it is “no spaces, contains only word characters, numbers, or underlines, and doesn’t begin with a number” (source In the iparameter call then the variable name doesn’t get noticed since it is passed as a string.

There is a way to do this, but it is probably more convoluted than restricting your names to ascii. This involves using the fact that all variables are actually keys in the global variable table. So variable is a shortcut for _G.variable. This means that you can also access the variable using other ways of accessing a table, notably _G["variable"] (this is what iparameter does, I guess). So you could do ellipse(300,300,_G["Tamaño"]) but it probably isn’t worth it.

@Juanjo56 Andrew is right. Unfortunately Lua does not support a wide character set for variable names — which the iparameter and parameter functions will make from your string.

Mmmm… thanks