Hey - I tweeted, but gotta repeat here: I was like “meh, new docs, ok” until I saw the screenshot. Then my ears perked up and I felt a sudden desire. That looks nice. Very nice.

Here’s hoping that’s in the next release. Because me want.

If you don’t tweet, here’s what you missed:

The docs will also be available while you are editing your code. They will pop-in as a sidebar.

Here is how they are integrated into the editor:

It’s a great job, congratulations to all contributors, hoping beeing one of them.

Looks good @Simeon, can’t wait to try a beta.

Looks like it will be very helpful. Thanks to all.

And Shaders are coming, too!its gonna be a great world!

when is probe going to be released? it looks pretty much done. It will pretty much be like a Codea cheat sheet.

At the right botom of the image of this link
there is a copy button, since it’s possible to do that, what about adding a search bottom to the Codea editor because we spend sometimes a while searching a word to correct a problem with long code programs.
I join Fred, and say can’t wait to try a beta.
Thanks again and again for these promising helpfull possibilities.

This is the current status of Probe:

There are a lot of other changes coming in Codea 1.5, and those other changes are a lot bigger. Probe is my collection of UI experiments and fun in my attempt to re-build the documentation from scratch.

Very nice. Really looking forward to it.

.@Simeon wow. Probe looks really slick. Can’t wait to download it. Will it be paid or free?

.@Simeon and .@veeralp, I have assumed that probe would be built into Codea, so would the iPhone version be in Codea Play?

.@veeeralp it will be built into Codea as @Jordan says. Any standalone version would be free, though.