Possible buyer!

@SteveNoob for what its worth I put together a 12 step tutorial to get a very simple version of lander up and running aimed at complete beginners.

The tutorial is split into 12 steps, each one building on the last. Internal comments only refer to the new code in each step. Each step is a stand alone tab, and to run a chosen step move its tab to the far right position and press run.

Select and Copy the whole code from here: https://gist.github.com/Westenburg/5799558

Then In Codea, long press on add a new project and select “Paste into project”

If you have a go at it, let us know how you get on - how easy is it to follow, etc.

@SteeveNoob Gee! That’s a big responsibility! :wink:
Sometimes the copy/paste doesnt run (black screen), depending on your ipad version and ios. Let us know if you have the pbroblem, there is program that solves that too.

Sorry if this is a really pathetic question but I’m not up on networking and such, I just tried to use Aircode with Firefox and it worked perfectly! very impressive

but uh… with the ipad and PC speaking to each other, does that use any of my monthly download usage? My isp has strict limits and its hard enough to stay within it as it is, if I go over my net gets totally cut.

Just wondering if aircode does use my actual bandwidth or its something else entirely? Sorry if its a stupid question. :slight_smile:

Is your ipad connected via wifi ou 3g?
Via 3g it probably counts on you internet account,
Via wifi at home (same box for pc ) i dont know. Maybe not?

iPad is connected via my Wifi, I don’t have 3g.

Wifi won’t affect internet bandwidth

Have a look on the wiki link at the top, above. There are some tutorial links, and I’ve written a couple of ebooks that may help you. I recommend you start with Lua, the underlying language.

ohhh the famous Ignatz writes in my thread!! epic!!
I downloaded your guide about an hour ago and I started reading it (tbh I hate ebooks so I’m printing it out, hope thats ok!)

I’ll check the links, thank you sir for your wifi info! :slight_smile:

Six months ago I was a noob like you…I am not a trained programmer, just enthusiastic

So give it a go, I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself!

@SteveNoob, please keep doing questions! I’m also discovering things with the kind answers given to you by the Codea-gurus :wink:

Greetings from Mexico.

Hello Mexico! :-h

Hi Ignatz, where’s Krazy? Saludos.

Lol! Sitting under a tree waiting for a brick!