Positioning of cursor after word selection

Maybe it’s just me, but after selecting a word, If I press the “move left/right button” I would prefer if the cursor went to the start of the selected word (now unselected) rather than to the start of the word then left character for a left select. Likewise, for a right select I’d like to see the cursor move to the end of the selected (now unselected) word, rather than to the start of the word.

In the same type of subject, i have a suggestion: after touching the text in the editor, the cursor is put there and that’s it. In textastic, the contextual menu appears then, an disappears if i type text: this is very handy, because quite often i want to do some action in this menu (paste text there). In codea, i have to tap again on the cursor to show the contextual menu, and sometimes this move the cursor, so it doesn’t show up, or it is no longer in the good place etc… I might not be very clear, but the way it is in textastic is really useful. An alternative would be a ‘paste’ button in the keyboard.

I would second the “paste” in the keyboard if there were to be a different system. I find that often the second tap moves the cursor so then I have to get it back again using the (most excellent) keyboard and try again.

The curse of the Big Fat Fingers strikes again.

Yes, a paste button would be useful

How about a “command” or “ctrl” key instead? That way you could use the keyboard shortcuts to paste, copy, cut, etc.

I imagine this would be even more noticeable for those that want an iPhone/iPod Touch version, myself included.