Portal 2D (new game, old idea)

Because he’s a ragdoll! Makes it easier to move about, well that’s a lie, but it gives a good effect when he falls or jumps.

@CapedGuru if the portals are on the same wall you just get propelled back out the wall as it rotates the velocity to the normal of the out portal. At the moment there is no halfway through a portal like you see with the example code above, I’m trying to think the best way possible. Don’t worry about being a noob either, doesn’t last for long in this environment!

How can I play a game like this?

The original 3D Portal and the sequel Portal 2 are available on the Steam store for Mac, PC, and Linux and both are fantastic, among my top 10 game play experiences. As for 2D version… @LuaTee did you finish this?

I meant the 2D version. I’ve tried creating a 2D version of portal myself but I keep failing.